RE: [CSS OM] list of issues

[Daniel Glazman:]
> [1] is only an editor's draft. 
Precisely. I don't want to read this too closely.

> The current REC says nothing but 'pseudo-
> element'. And that's what should be implemented at this time.
Which REC? I assume you mean DOM L2 Style here [1]. But I don't know
how to implement something nothing is said about. Hence the question
and the quick review of the interop situation today. To reiterate, three
browsers expect pseudoElt to begin with one of two colons. One accepts
an undecorated pseudo-element name e.g. "first-line".

I have an opinion but I'd like to hear from others what input they expect
to be valid.


Received on Friday, 3 June 2011 05:03:38 UTC