Re: [css3-regions] New CSS Regions editor draft

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On May 31, 2011, at 11:30 AM, Robert O'Callahan wrote:

> When elements break vertically over containers with different widths and heights, it becomes non-obvious what the containing block width and height should be for such elements. Can you add something to your draft specifying that?

This is an example of an issue that already exists in paged media (where you can have different page size and/or orientation) and you are right, we need to define what happens. However, we should also make this consistent across the specifications that have the same issue/need.

There is some wording in the current draft about the containing block (but it is incomplete). Right now, it says:

"The containing block for absolutely positioned descendants of an element with a specified flow is the region into which the element is rendered."

and I think it should be (I also got feedback from Alex on this topic):

"The edges of the region establish the rectangle that is the initial containing block for the content flowing into the region."

which aligns with the paged media spec. that says:

"The edges of the page area on the first page establish the rectangle that is the initial containing block of the document."

Would that address your question?

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