Re: [css3-images] remaining gradient issues

On Wed, 27 Jul 2011 07:24:14 +0900, Brad Kemper <>  

> I think it is much clearer and natural to say "from top left" than  
> "downwards bottomwards". The latter is awkward AND longer. But I'm happy  
> to leave it to a WG vote. Or even to leave it up to the module author at  
> this point (unless others object), as I think he understands both points  
> of view and can probably decide on something that can get consensus  
> agreement.

I think that trying to get agreement on the keywords to use through a  
debate on the mailing list, or even a WG vote, is unlikely to let us reach  
a conclusion any time soon.

I support the idea of just letting Tab decide. Enough arguments have been  
pushed in favor of the various wordings, and I am confident he can pick  
something reasonable. As most people, I do have a personal preference, but  
I am ready to accept another wording, as long as it lets us finally close  
this issue.

  - Florian

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