Re: [css3-lists] Published as WD!

I've just re-read the current (dated July 14) lists module spec after
a long hiatus and am trying to make sure I understand what the bottom
line is re mixed-direction lists. Please correct me where I go wrong.

1. For a list-item-position:outside list item, the content of a marker
is in a separate paragraph for bidi purposes. Its paragraph direction
is taken from the list container's direction.

2. For a list-item-position:outside list item, the marker box is
horizontally flush against one side of the list item box. It is the
"start" side relative to the list container's direction. Thus, the
list item's text-align affects the position of both the list item and
the marker.

3. Thus, for a list-item-position:outside list item, the list item's
direction has no effect whatsoever on the marker.

Now, a question:

4. Under the current proposal, is there currently any way to get the
marker placed horizontally flush against the "start" side relative to
the *list item*'s direction, as list-item-position:hanging would have
done? Sometimes, apparently, people do want the markers to switch
sides in a mixed-direction list.

Now, two small proposals:

5. Is there any objection to HTML5 specifying in the default style
sheet li {text-align:match-parent;}? I have suggested this in the
past, and is still
open for this purpose.

6. Given that markers are often counters with strong-directional
contain (e.g. Latin letters), it is important that
list-item-position:inside marker content be isolated for bidi purposes
from what follows it in the list item, at least by default. Should
this be done by making unicode-bidi:isolate be the default for


Received on Sunday, 17 July 2011 14:03:40 UTC