Re: [css3-speech] voice-family

On 6 Jul 2011, at 18:20, fantasai wrote:
>> Since we explicitly leave the matching algorithm up to the  
>> synthesizer it
>> might even be necessary to write something like:
>> voice-family: 60 male, 60 female, 30 male, 30 female;
>> The intent here is to prefer a mature male voice if one is  
>> available, with
>> a mature female next, followed by an adult male etcetera.  
>> Essentially trying
>> prioritize age over gender.
> What happens if I have a male voice that's 55 years old? Do I use  
> that, or
> fall back to 60-year-old female?

Well, a concrete voice instance available on the user's system is  
likely to support an age range. So your example would actually be more  
accurate as such: I have a "male voice suitable for 40-50 years old",  
which would not get selected based on the author's criteria "60  
male" (nor would it based on any of the other author-provided  

So I think we are missing prose similar to font-family for defining  
the mapping between a generic voice-family and "best-match" candidates  
on the user's system:

User agents should provide reasonable default choices for the generic  
font families, which express the characteristics of each family as  
well as possible within the limits allowed by the underlying technology.
User agents are encouraged to allow users to select alternative  
choices for the generic fonts.


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