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Dear fantasai,

> Something like:
> | For images containing multiple sizes, if a fragment identifier using
> pixel
> | coordinates, is first resolved into percentages using [some heuristic].
> The heuristic in CSS3 Images for picking the right variant image is:
> # If an object (such as an icon) has multiple sizes, then the largest size
> # is used.
> # If it has multiple aspect ratios of that size (or of no size), then the
> # aspect ratio closest to the aspect ratio of the default object size is
> used.
> #
> The latter sentence is pretty arbitrary. You can pick a different
> arbitrary,
> e.g. the ratio closest to a square is chosen, and portrait is preferred
> over
> landscape. Or vice-versa.
> The issue here is that CSS should, ideally, choose the variant that gives
> the best resolution for the shape we're trying to squeeze the image into.
> So we need the multiple sizes available, but they all have to represent
> the same part of the image in the normal case (an icon image, of consistent
> aspect ratio, with multiple resolutions packaged together).

I follow up this discussion thread. This issue has also been discussed 
during the last Hypertext Coordination Group telecon [1]. Following 
these discussions, we have added the following sentence to the spec:

"Note that in the case of pixel-based clipping areas, application of 
those areas to multi-resolutions visual media is undefined."

in the section 4.2.2 [2].
I think that the CSS WG is also discussing the Media Fragments spec in 
today's call. Could you please let us know if this spec edit address 
your comment?
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