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Hi Florian & Fantasai,

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>On Fri, 01 Jul 2011 11:32:51 +0900, fantasai  
><> wrote:
>> For the various pictographic and geometric symbols, what is an
>>        appropriate setting? Should the snowman be upright or sideways?
>>        Does this depend on CJK vs. Latin context, or is it a stylistic
>>        preference, or does everybody just want them upright?
>I have a hard time thinking of anybody wanting them other than upright.

I disagree.

I think it depends on CJK vs. Latin context for sure.

If I've got a string of Latin talking about winter and snowmen and stick
one in the middle of the Latin text which is rotated 90 degrees, I'd expect
the snowman to take on the rotation of the Latin content so it can be read
with your head rotated sideways.

P.S. The write-up is excellent, I'll endeavour to read it in fine detail again.

>  - Florian

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