Re: align property

2011/1/26 Anton Prowse <>:
> vertical-align applies to all inline elements, not just img.  However, its
> effects are subtle and surprising; many people find it non-intuitive but
> actually it produces sound typographical results (although it is only one of
> several models which could have been chosen).

That's the thing, it applies only to specific area and has general
name, why not have 'vertical-align: middle' that will actually put
text or image inside a box in the middle. I know there are other ways
around to achieve this, but most logical solution is to use property
that says 'vertical-align' but doesn't do what should logically do...
it applies only to a specific area of CSS.

Similar thing is with 'margin', right now we use margin to center
things, where in english dictionary margin explains for something to
be centered?
Why not have logical names for logical actions, if we need to align
something so instead of <div align="center"> or <center> in CSS there
should be just 'align' propery that will replace just mentioned. Same
thing goes for 'vertical-align' it should align everything within a
document in vertical positions. That is most logical conclusion when
you first see name of this property.

If you need to align text, within a document, box or whatever use
proper solution for that which would be 'text-align' we have now
(left, center, right; or specify with numbers, %) and
'vertical-text-align' (top, middle, bottom; or specify with numbers,

I understand there is always other way around something to achieve
what we need, but why not simply use logical solutions instead of
those "workarounds"?


Received on Wednesday, 26 January 2011 12:49:14 UTC