RE: Making alternate stylesheets more useful + site selectors

Thanks Boris for the idea.
This link describes it.  It looks very complicated.  There are lots of ways probably to provide skins, however, was looking for a simple way.  I want to do this with SVG which is XML.  

In the latest spec for attaching XML stylesheets 'alternate' is defined as:

If the value is "yes", it indicates that the referenced style sheet is an alternative style sheet, and documents must also specify the title pseudo-attribute with a non-empty value. If specified, documents must set the value to either "yes" or "no".

This has no direction as to what user agents should do with these.  

In any case, I still like what Mozilla did with site-selectors as this provides a way to add stuff to a user stylesheet without fear of name clashes with other web sites.


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> Right now I think it is impractical for users with accessibility issue related to color to reverse engineer my 22 Kb style sheet and fix the colors.   Perhaps the CSS standard could specify the behavior of the user agent with respect to the 'alternate' attribute for style sheets so that developers could use this method to provide 'skins'.

Note that you can do that now if you want.  Save the selected stylesheet 
set in a cookie, and apply it.  Sites do that today.


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