RE: Making alternate stylesheets more useful + site selectors

Right now I think it is impractical for users with accessibility issue related to color to reverse engineer my 22 Kb style sheet and fix the colors.   Perhaps the CSS standard could specify the behavior of the user agent with respect to the 'alternate' attribute for style sheets so that developers could use this method to provide 'skins'.  As can be seen today, there is little consistency in browsers.


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On 1/20/11 6:15 AM, Shropshire, Andrew A wrote:
> however it would seem the user has to select the alternate style
> sheet with every visit to the site.

That's a quality of implementation issue, no?  See for the Firefox bug 
on this.

In any case, this sort of browser UI issue seems out of scope for the 
CSS specification.

> Furthermore, the alternate stylesheet mechanism is only for one page not the entire website

That's really the same issue as above (at least from my point of view)...

I agree that standardizing site selectors would make it easier for third 
parties (like yourself in this case) to create user stylesheets.


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