Re: Filter Templates

Brad Kemper:
> Given the above "feTemplate" values, it could be used in a declaration
> like this:
> filter: url(#bradsDropShadow) 4px 5px;
> ...and the two lengths would be mapped to the "dx" and "dy" of
> feOffset.dx, and the omitted values would take their default values
> from the regular filter values ("black" for flood-color and "2" for
> stdDeviation in the above example), as long as the order and so forth
> of the feTemplate values were satisfied.
> Could that work?

I like this idea too – it could be a good solution to the problem that
filters are often very specific to the content they’re going to be
applied to.

As with Tab, I’m not sure about the feTemplate syntax, but I like the
idea in general.  I think we need to carefully think about what
parameters the filters are allowed to expose; we obviously don’t want
this to turn into a general templating solution.

There’s some overlap here with Doug’s SVG Parameters proposal, too, at
least conceptually:

Cameron McCormack ≝

Received on Tuesday, 11 January 2011 20:25:05 UTC