Re: [css3-tables] Optimize per column whitespace due to line wrapping

I eventually settled on this:

width="700" align="left" border="1" /><table
border="1"><tbody><tr><td><i>Recurse</i> ⊈ ∅, <small>ε</small> ∈
<i>Fi</i><sub>(n)</sub>, <i>n</i> ∈ <i>N</i>, <i>n</i> =
<i>head</i><sub>(<i>w</i>)</sub> )</td><td> is not the empty set but
there is lots of text here to eat space from the each of these
words<br> is a potential wrap point which makes the table
considerably<br> expensive if the table wrap algorithm isn't

you should be able to size a browser to fit the hr and then slide
around (probably just expanding).

the alternative approaches result in the columns jumping as you
shrink/expand the window, which seems suboptimal.

but generally multipass algorithms are very expensive (tending toward
O(n^2) or O(n^3) and giving people indigestion).

there's also the minor detail that changing the behavior now would
probably break existing content.

Received on Sunday, 2 January 2011 19:15:45 UTC