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I apologize in advance for any brashness, as it isn't intended to offend.

I was looking at Section 1.1 (Script Groups) -- where do the English,
Spanish, and German languages fall in these categories, please?  I was also
looking for the definition of "script" as it is applied here (I searched the
UI document and the font document as well), but couldn't find anything.

How do you define it?  Does "script" mean character sets outside of ASCII,
does it mean a script typeface as defined at, or does it mean any
system of letters and numbers that can be put into a readable format?

update:  Just found it in UAX #24 ( (perhaps this
should be linked in the definition of script groups?), but I still don't
understand in which Script Group one would find English, Spanish, French,
and German.


Under Section 2, a sentence reads

Conformance to CSS Text Level 3 is defined for three classes:

How is "class" defined here?  It's not the same as a CSS selector class
obviously, but I was wondering if there could perhaps be better word such as
"implementers" or "objects" used.

"However the inability of a UA" should have a comma: "However, the inability
of a UA"


Section 2.1:

"This property transforms text for the styling purpose."

reads to me as though this MUST be used in combination with some other rule
that accomplishes a specified purpose in order to have visible effect.
Might this better read

"This property transforms text for the purpose of styling." or "This
property transforms the style of the target text." or "This property changes
the styled letter-case of the target text." (as that appears to be the only
thing it does at the moment -- is there more planned for this?)


Section 3.1 uses the word "titlecase", but according to Wikipedia, this
isn't standardized:

My question in regard to that is: Should this be better defined?  I ask
because one implementation of title-case may use "The" and another may use
"the" (which can PO quite a few authors [both CSS authors and book
authors]).  If a CSS author uses title-case and finds that "The" capitalizes
differently on different browsers, that could be reason to go back into the
source document and manually capitalize the text there.  The spread of that
kind of frustration could cause this property to be ignored in key places in
more widely used publications.


Section 4 states

Note that the document parser may have not only normalized segment breaks,

How is the adjective "normalized" meant to be applied to "segment break"?
Are form feeds (U+000C?) explicitly NOT considered to be white space, and if
so, should that be stated; how should they be handled, if at all?

I see "<span class="issue">Copied from CSS2.1 but this has got to be
wrong.</span>" -- for a minute, I thought that was part of the text!  I had
to go into the source to see that it isn't.  I'll add a userstyle override
on my side to make that a red background with white writing so I don't
confuse those things...

Section 4.1:

I see

Rename to white-space-trim or white-space-adjust?

Out of the two, "adjust" seems to make more sense, since collapse and trim
aren't the only options here; "white-space-behaviour" and
"white-space-treatment" also seem viable.


Section 4.2, numbered list 2, item 2 states

Each tab (U+0009) is rendered as a horizontal shift that lines up the start
> edge of the next glyph with the next tab stop. Tab stops occur at points
> that are multiples of 8 times the width of a space (U+0020) rendered in the
> block's font from the block's starting content edge.

For certain documents (mobile, possibly others), 8 times with width of a
space can be a LOT of screen real-estate.  Can there be a property to define
"tab-stop" rather than a hard rule?


Section 4.3

I see the values "pre-wrap" and "pre-line".  While I understand the meaning
of "pre" in this context, the first reading of it gives the impression of
"before the wrap" and "before the line".  Is it okay to go ahead and spell
out the full word "preserve" for this value?


On Thu, Feb 17, 2011 at 6:40 AM, Bert Bos <> wrote:

> The CSS WG published an update of the CSS Text module:
> This module covers line breaking, justification and alignment, white
> space handling, text decoration and text transformation.
> The section "Changes" briefly lists the features that have changed since
> the draft of last October:
> As usual, we ask that all comments on the draft be sent to this mailing
> list, <>, with a subject line that starts with
>    [css3-text]
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