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I'm late to this party, but:

At 10:20 PM +0000 2/9/11, Jon Rimmer wrote:

>Speaking as an author, I'll be blunt about a few points: Vendor
>prefixes actually help and encourage me to use experimental properties
>for real development, because they provide me with an easy way to
>target each browser, even when they have incompatible implementations.

    I agree with this, and it's a feature worth preserving.

>Ensuring experimental properties remain in development versions and
>hidden behind flags will, in my opinion, be far more likely to prevent
>them being used on real sites, because it will make it very difficult
>for them to reach the kind of critical mass of adoption that makes
>using them viable, something that vendor prefixes do nothing to

    I agree even more strongly here.  (Not that this will come as any 
surprise to anyone who read my A List Apart article on the subject.)
    One of the core advantages of prefixes is that they can be easily 
used by lots of authors in real-world situations.  That means that by 
sheer dint of statistical probability they're more likely to uncover 
weird or unforeseen interactions with other parts of the spec. 
Putting new features into a "developer-only" sandbox corner of the 
browser means WAY fewer authors will play around with them, with the 
resulting loss of bug-finding eyeballs.

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