Re: Using cursor property on <area> elements that have a display of 'none'

On Thu, 17 Feb 2011 11:48:14 -0500, L. David Baron <>  

> On Thursday 2011-02-17 10:55 -0500, Michael A. Puls II wrote:
>> Yet, it's still possible to interact with the area in the image map
>> laid out by that <area> element, which says to me that Opera might
>> be interpreting the spec too literally here. Or, it could just be a
>> bug.
> HTML5 specifies that the 'cursor' property should apply to <area>
> elements, but as though the area elements inherit 'cursor' from the
> image element to which the image map is applying if 'cursor' is
> unspecified.  See
> , which says:
>   # For the purposes of the rendering, only the 'cursor' property is
>   # expected to have any effect on the shape.
>   #
>   #   Thus, for example, if an area element has a style attribute
>   #   that sets the 'cursor' property to 'help', then when the user
>   #   designates that shape, the cursor would change to a Help
>   #   cursor.

Thanks. That means that Opera's more or less wrong for letting a display  
of 'none' disable the use of the cursor property.

>   #   Similarly, if an area element had a CSS rule that set its
>   #   'cursor' property to 'inherit' (or if no rule setting the
>   #   'cursor' property matched the element at all), the shape's
>   #   cursor would be inherited from the img or object element of
>   #   the image map, not from the parent of the area element.
> This has been implemented in Firefox for years (since before it was
> in HTML5).

Thanks. Opera definitely doesn't do the inheriting from the image map.


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