Re: CSS Variables Draft Proposal

* Tab Atkins Jr. wrote:
>Only the final 'color' declaration is honored, the previous two are
>thrown away at parse time, just like normal.  If $bar isn't defined,
>then the value is invalid, leaving the declaration block with no valid
>'color' declaration at all.  If $bar is then, later, defined with a
>valid color value, the rule will start working.  Defining $foo will
>have no effect, since the rule that referenced $foo was thrown away at
>parse time.

I would hope you are collecting examples and test cases mentioned in the
discussion and not just revising the text of your proposal. With that, I
would add another problem, namely a declaration with a reference that is
not possible to parse whatever the variable resolves to, like

  color: 3 8723405ersdhfkgldhfglsdztw bz670485tzweroghsdflkj bdx,fv $v;

If that is ignored because whatever $v is this is not a valid colour,
this would probably make parsing a good bit harder depending on what you
allow as variable values, but if it is not ignored you make it harder to
specify fallback values to accomodate user agents that may not support
some particular new syntax, like

  color: red;
  color: organge;

would result in orange if that is supported but red if it is not but red
is supported (a third option would be to require declaration before use,
then parsing would not have to be much harder).
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