Re: CSS Variables

On Sun, Feb 6, 2011 at 4:16 AM, Jon Rimmer <> wrote:
> As a developer I'm very much in support of CSS variables, but I have a
> couple of questions:
> Would variables support values including other variables? E.g.
> @var $foo red
> @var $bar $foo

Yes.  This is useful for constructing more complex variables out of
base variables, like setting up a few basic theme colors and then
constructing some themed gradients from them.

> Would variables be possible within the notation for types? E.g.
> @var $hue 255
> body {
>   background-color: hsla($hue, 50%, 50%, 1)
> }

Yes, variables should be usable anywhere you could put a normal value.

> What will be the effect of using a variable that is not initialised?
> Will this be equivalent to setting an 'auto' value?

Unitialized variables are just invalid values, until they get
initialized through some method.


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