Re: CSS Variables

> > A few weeks ago I gave a talk about some experimental things some
> > of our teams at Chrome are working on.  (You can see the subsequent
> > blogpost at <>.)  I obviously want
> > to bring all of them to the group soon, but I want to start on Variables,
> >
> > So, thoughts?

I believe Bert summarized the situation pretty well in

TL;DR comments but

> > This sucks for authors, particularly as the rise of preprocessing
> > frameworks
> The fact that this can be done by pre-processors is actually a
> counter-argument to including it in CSS.

I agree.

In addition, some challenges authors try to find an answer for in
variables/constants can be addressed by simple things like
declaration-based sorting already:

Jens O. Meiert

Received on Monday, 7 February 2011 18:10:50 UTC