[css3-regions] Editorial comments round 1

These are comments on http://www.w3.org/TR/2011/WD-css3-regions-20111129/

2. CSS regions concepts

   I think section could use some editorial work. I don't have specific
   suggestions, but I do think it could use some reorganization.

   Also, definitions sections are generally normative, not non-normative.

3. Relation to document events

   # This section is normative.

   In CSS specs, sections are normative unless otherwise specified. Please
   remove these sentences lest people start to be confused as to whether
   all the rest of our specs are entirely non-normative.

4.1 The 'flow-into' property

   # This note is informative.

   Notes are always informative, so you shouldn't be including this statement.
   Just make sure you start the note with the word "Note". (This word must
   appear directly in the source, as it needs to be present even if CSS is
   disabled. Similarly, examples need to start with some wording that indicates
   the following is an example. See CSS3 Backgrounds and Borders for examples.)

   # The 'flow-into' property does not apply to the ::first-line and ::first-character.

   s/::first-character/::first-letter pseudo-elements/

4.2.1 Auto width on regions

   # If a region's ‘width’ property is computed to ‘auto’, its resolved value
   # is computed based on ...

   We usually use either "property computes to" or "property's computed value is".

   "resolved value" is not a CSS term. You want "used value".

   I suggest s/computed/calculated/ for the second instance to avoid confusion
   with "computed value", which is a specific concept in CSS.

   (Yes our terms are confusing. Maybe we should change them. But that should
   be a pan-module discussion; for now, be consistent with CSS 2.1.)

4.5 The @region rule

   # The ‘@region’ rule consists of the keyword ‘@region’ followed by a selector
   # and a declarations block.

   s/declarations//; This is not block of declarations, it's a block of style rules.

   # The region's flow segment selector specifies which range of elements in the
   # flow are subject to the following declaration blocks:

   s/following declaration blocks/style rules in the following block/

   # Region styling does not apply to nested regions. If a region ‘A’ receives
   # content from a flow that contains region ‘B’, the content that flows into
   # ‘B’ does not receive the region styling specified for region ‘A’.

   This should be a normative statement, not a note. The second sentence should
   start with the words "For example".


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