Re: [css3-page] incorrect sentence in css 3 paged media

On Mon, Aug 22, 2011 at 07:38:31AM +0100, Luke Page wrote:

> apologies if this should go somewhere more direct, but as per

I notice that the above link says merely to post to www-style without
pointing to the "Status of this Document" section or mentioning the
"[css3-page]" etc. tags.

The "Status of this Document" section always gives the preferred place
where comments should be sent.  In the case of css3-page, www-style is
indeed the correct place to send comments, though it is preferred for
the Subject of the message to include the string "[css3-page]", which
I've added to the Subject for this reply.

Someone with write access to
might consider changing that, so that review comments are less likely
to go unnoticed.

> I wanted to report in the CSS3 Paged Media specification
> (, the following incorrect line...
> LEFTBOTTOM_SYM       ::= "@right-bottom"
> It should be LEFTBOTTOM_SYM ::= "@left-bottom"

Thanks for sending this fix.

I notice that this has already been fixed in the Editors' Draft:

(It's unfortunate that is still a 2006
version, and doesn't include a link to the Editors' Draft.)


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