Re: Proposal Submission How?

Boris Zbarsky wrote:

> This mailing list is where you submit it.  As far as format and 
> requirements, just describing the proposal is a good start.  :)

You need to include things like:

- why it is needed;
- why it can't easily be done with existing features;
- why it can't be done server side;
- why it belongs in CSS, rather than say HTML, scripting, or behaviours;
- if there is any doubt, how it can be implemented efficiently on a page 
that is being manipulated on the client;
- if there is any doubt, how it can avoid back-tracking during 
incremental rendering;
- whether the page will become unusable on browsers that don't support 
the feature (syntactical features must fail degraded);
- how they behave in combination with other features.

You also need to check that it hasn't been rejected many times in the 
past and explain why the situation has changed.  (In my view, some 
things have been accepted after valid rejections, because they keep 
being requested.)

It would be nice if there were an analysis of likely abuses of the 
feature (generally things that result in the unstyled HTML losing 
semantics information, or becoming unusable).

David Woolley
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