Re: [css3-images] July F2F minutes comment regarding SVG and non-opaque colors

Seattle 2011 F2F minutes:
> * ed wonders what this meant:"TabAtkins: No. SVG doesn't have alpha colors."
>   (most if not all browsers already support rgba/hsla syntax in svg
>   colors/gradients, also there's stop-opacity in svg gradients)

On 19/08/11 9:17 AM, Brian Manthos wrote:
> I just happened to notice the commentary above.
> I believe Tab was referring to this:
> which links to <color> here:
> which says
> # The basic type <color> is a CSS2 compatible specification for a color
> in the sRGB color space [SRGB
> <>].
> In short SVG 1.1’s <color> maps to CSS2 (which does not include rgba and
> hsla) rather than CSS3 (which does).

It's true that SVG 1.1's <color> definition doesn't technically allow 
rgba() colours, but it would be interesting to see what implementations 
do with it currently to know whether this is compatible with Image 
Values' definitions.  Also whether this behaviour is the same as an SVG 
gradient where some stops have non-zero stop-opacity property values.

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