[css3-images] July F2F minutes comment regarding SVG and non-opaque colors


   shepazu: At the outset of this effort, there was discussion about remaining
            compatible with SVG  gradients.. was that abandoned?
   TabAtkins: No. SVG doesn't have alpha colors.

   * ed wonders what this meant: "TabAtkins: No. SVG doesn't have alpha colors."

        (most if not all browsers already support rgba/hsla syntax in svg

        colors/gradients, also there's stop-opacity in svg gradients)

I just happened to notice the commentary above.

I believe Tab was referring to this:
which links to <color> here:
which says

# The basic type <color> is a CSS2 compatible specification for a color in the sRGB color space [SRGB<http://www.w3.org/TR/SVG/refs.html#ref-SRGB>].

In short SVG 1.1's <color> maps to CSS2 (which does not include rgba and hsla) rather than CSS3 (which does).

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