Re: [css3-images] gradients keywords and logical (Re: [CSSWG] Minutes and Resolutions Telecon 2011-08-10)

On 16/08/2011 3:06 AM, Brad Kemper wrote:

> We have long ago agreed that it is enough to declare one corner or
> side and have the opposite corner or side be inferred. It is time to
> get over that and move on.

I fine with this (my protest is over), I more concerned with the below 
"magic corners".

>>> Sorry, but I didn't really follow what you're trying to say here,
>>> or if there was something you didn't like about "magic corners".
>>> P.S. I hope we can eventually stop calling it that. There is
>>> nothing especially magical about picking the appropriate angle
>>> for connecting the corners.
>> Please take a look at the below code. This is what I mean by
>> circumscribing a rectangle. The first color stop (red) is 30% down
>> the gradient path and the last color stop (blue) is 70% down the
>> gradient path. What happens when you transition from corner to side
>> to corner. Do these color stops slide up and down the gradient
>> path. As the code below now stands, the white midway line
>> (perpendicular to the path) is situated on the 'top right' and the
>> 'bottom left' of the rectangle but 'to bottom right' is suppose to
>> indicate the rendering of this gradient.
> Are these gradients and transforms meant to simulate what is
> happening with the newer "magic corners" gradient? I'm a bit lost on
> what your point is now, if you are asking something about the code
> you included or on a model that it is simulating.

The code simulates the newer "magic corners" gradient.

The issue I have is when these are transitioned or animated. If the 
transitioned is from 'to bottom right' (as in the code) to 'to bottom', 
the length between the endpoints (red and blue) go from roughly 200px to 
400px. Also instead of the rectangle being circumscribed by the gradient 
path (or direction) it is inscribed by the gradient path. I would like 
the ability to control if a gradient path is circumscribing or 
inscribing a box in a transition or animation.

I'm not concerned if this doesn't make it in until css4-images but I 
want it where it can be added.

Alan Gresley

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