[css3-regions] writing mode and directionality for flows

What are the initial writing mode and directionality of flows? Can individual regions specify different writing-modes and directionality, thus causing how you paginate to vary from region to region in the same flow? I'm really hoping the answer is "No", and that - as with printing and multi-column elements - there is a single master writing mode and directionality that determines all of the pagination.

My suggestion would be to use the writing-mode and directionality of the first region to establish the pagination direction and to just ignore the writing-mode/directionality set on subsequent regions. Another idea would be to simply use the ICB's writing-mode and direction.

I'm prepared to be disappointed though as others tell me that the direction of pagination should be allowed to completely change from region to region. :(


Received on Thursday, 11 August 2011 16:25:29 UTC