[css3-regions][css3-multicol] Regions example

I'm reading up on regions:


Which is close in spirit to:


The example in Figure 1 and Figure 2 of the Regions spec is nice.
However, it seems to me that the styling of the lead paragrah (in this
case the introduction) is, more often than not, based on the structure
rather than the layout. So, in most magazines, the whole lead paragrah
-- and not just the words that happen to fit in a predinde box --
would be in bold. This is for example the case in The Economist.

Does the regions model support this kind of flexibly-sized regions?

In multicol layout, it could quite easily be specified with something
like this:

  .article { columns: 3 }
  .article img { column-span: 2 }
  .article .lead { column-span: 2; font-weight: bold }

If column-span could take an integer, that is.


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