Re: magic corner gradient revisited

Do you mean if "some extra magic goes on" so that we don't lose absolute units? If the syntax is the same and the end result is the same, then it doesn't matter to the spec or author how you get there. But the way you explained the way to achieve it was simpler. 

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> Ok, well for that case at least, I believe the two algorithms produce the same result.
> -Brian
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>> Tab Atkins Jr.:
>>> As well, there are two distinct and very different ways of achieving 
>>> the magic corner gradient that I know of (adjust the angle, or do the 
>>> entire thing in objectBoundingBox coords scale).
>> I think by "adjust the angle" you're referring to my algorithm.
> Yes.
>> I'm unclear on what you mean by the "scale" approach.
>> Can you elaborate on this?  Or maybe offer some renderings?
> Whoops, didn't mean to leave the word "scale" in there.
> I'm referring to how SVG does linear gradients when gradientUnits="objectBoundingBox".  For example:
> <!doctype html>
> <svg>
> <defs>
>  <linearGradient id=foo x1=0 y1=0 x2=1 y2=1 gradientUnits="objectBoundingBox">
>   <stop offset=0% stop-color=red />
>   <stop offset=50% stop-color=white />
>   <stop offset=100% stop-color=blue />
>  </linearGradient>
> </defs>
> <rect x=0 y=0 width=300 height=100 fill=url(#foo) /> </svg>
> In this coordinate space, the units are such that 1 unit horizontally is the width of the box it's used in, and 1 unit vertically is the height of the box it's used in.  In other words, you draw the gradient into a square, and then scale it to fill the box.  This gives you the "magic corner" behavior, in addition to a few other interesting bits.
> You lose, however, the ability to use absolute lengths when placing stops, unless some extra magic goes on.
> ~TJ

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