RE: [css3-images] Resolving on gradient issues

[Tab Atkins Jr.:] 
> Sigh.  My point is that I don't, at the moment, care what the minutia of
> this process is.  It's irrelevant to the questions I brought up in the
> thread.  If you care about whether Images 3 goes to WD first or straight
> to LC, please chime in at the next pub request, or start a new thread, or
> whatever.  It doesn't matter at all right now.  It is completely and
> utterly irrelevant.  So, let's not talk about it here, where I have
> specific questions/request that are completely unrelated to what you're
> trying to talk about.  Please?
Well, if you don't care, don't answer. *I* care. Why is it necessary for you
 to shut down discussion of what you don't care about ? (Even though it's 
completely relevant to how and when your module will reach LC) I want to
plan on dropping prefixes, Tab. That means I'll need an implementation 
report, which will involve writing and submitting testcases against the CR,
modulo our preview build schedule...If there is an extra month or more of WD 
in there it'd be helpful to know. That's all. Why is my asking such a problem 
if you don’t' care, anyway ? 

So I'm sorry but I don't really care that it's irrelevant to *you*. And I 
don't see how your inability or total lack of interest in answering the 
question is in any way an obstacle for the rest of this thread. People who 
don't care about this will ignore this part of the thread. As should you, 

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