RE: [css3-lists] CJK numbering algorithms

OOXML can be one of the good source to reference.

You can download ECMA-376 OOXML[1] 2nd edition Part 1, 17.18.59 ST_NumberFormat (Numbering Format) has "一百零五" as an example for Chinese.

It has algorithms for each numbering system including CJK in case it may help.



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>>>>> Aside from the characters used and the filter in rule 7, are
>>>>> there other differences among the CJK styles?
>>>> Yes.
>>>> * For Chinese, interior zeros in a group, like "101" or "2002" aren't
>>>> dropped, though the second case collapses to have only a single zero
>>>> in the middle.  Japanese and Korean drop all zeros in the informal
>>>> style, but drops none in the formal (I haven't yet editted the algos
>>>> to make the formal/informal distinction).
>>> What does it mean to not drop a zero? "一百一" looks correct to me.
>> Do you mean for Chinese, or Japanese/Korean formal?
> Chinese. "一百零一" seems excessively explicit for list numbering...
> Granted it's been awhile, and my Chinese is rusty. I could very well
> be mixing things up.

I was told that in informal styles the 0s were sometimes dropped, but
it was okay to retain them in the same way as you would in the formal

>> According to the native Chinese-speaker on my team (I have a record of
>> the conversation, since it took place in text), the number 2002 0000
>> is 二千零二万, for example.
> Was that for spoken / prose styles or list numbering? (They might be
> different.)

Dunno.  The context of the discussion thread was clear, but it's
possible they still ended up speaking about numbering in some other


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