Re: Enhancing grouping of selectors

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> (Note, though, that you wrote the selector wrong. :any()'s arguments
> are comma-separated, because you can have arbitrary selectors as
> arguments. So it needs to be:
> :any(e, #id, .class) :any(e, #id, .class) :any(e, #id, .class) {...}

Ok, I couldn't find :any defined anywhere, ,only which only allows a simple selector in the :any(). Is that just an implementation limitation?

On a related note I just looked at :not(),, which is a similar 'logical pseudo class' and it is limited to a simple selector, and cannot contain itself. What are the reasons for this limitation, e.g. why can't I write any of the following?
* :not(a.special)
* :not(li > a)
* :not(ol > li, ul > li)

The latter could be written as:
* :not(:any(ol, ul) > li)

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