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Re: Custom dynamic properties

From: Daniel Glazman <daniel.glazman@disruptive-innovations.com>
Date: Fri, 17 Sep 2010 20:15:48 +0200
Message-ID: <4C93B054.8070504@disruptive-innovations.com>
To: Paul Duffin <pduffin@volantis.com>
Cc: www-style <www-style@w3.org>
Le 17/09/10 16:20, Paul Duffin a écrit :
> By 'dynamic property' I mean the combination of pseudo classes and client side state that allows a page author to reflect changes in state by updating the styles of the user interface.

[ warning, this message is an old dream of mine, no flame please:-) ]

What would be much cooler is pseudo-classes "registered" into the
CSS parser and the rendering engine and based on JavaScript code.
That's something I already proposed in the past, that clearly has
performance issues but that would help a lot some web designers:

@register-pseudoclass my-pseudo-class A_JS_FUNC_IN_DOC_CONTEXT;

where A_JS_FUNC_IN_DOC_CONTEXT is a function taking a DOM element
as unique parameter and returning a boolean. Could be extended
to functional notations through the |arguments| array...


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