Re: Stretching element without stretching text

On Tue, Nov 23, 2010 at 1:52 PM, Jaikishan Jalan <> wrote:
> I was hoping to see a property, preserve-text similar to that of
> preserve-3d, that when applied to a textual element will never change the
> font size no matter what transformation is applied to it.

Like I explained, that's fundamentally incompatible with how
Transforms work currently.  Transforms are purely a visual
transformation of the element - it is first laid out like normal, then
rotated/skewed/translated visually.

It's also a much more complex problem than you're letting on.  If you
scale the box up and leave the text the same size, where does the text
go?  Does it stay against the top and left edges of the transformed
content area?  Before and start edges?  Top edge, but center
horizontally?  Or should the contents of the element completely
re-layout to accomodate the new size of the content area?  What about
if you shrink the box?  What if you skew the box - should the text
still be skewed, or should it somehow be reflowed to accomodate a
non-rectangular box?


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