Re: @font-feature-values rule syntax

On Nov 15, 2010, at 11:50 PM, Mikko Rantalainen wrote:

> Perhaps I don't understand the font features in question well enough,
> but wouldn't a property such as
> 	font-variant: styleset(5, 13);
> be totally specific to a single font file (what do the "5" and "13" mean
> in general)? As such, I believe it should live only inside the
> @font-face because it never makes any sense unless applied specifically
> against the given WOFF file (in this example).
> If this understanding is correct, then I suggest that the only supported
> method for font alternates is using the @font-face directly as in the
> example above.

... Except that in your example, the stylistic alternates would be on all the time for that font, rather than discretionary. One could not use the font without those variants being activated everywhere.

The advantage the name-key approach (e.g. "swishy") is that one can then activate it for only certain elements. I might not want swash capitals all the time for PoeticaStd; I might just want them for h2:first-letter, or some span.

I suppose it's possible to put those name-key definitions in @font-face, but I think you'd be looking at a lot of deeply nested statements there, and that's not pleasant to write or read.


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