Re: @font-feature-values rule syntax

2010-11-15 14:14 EEST: John Daggett:
> Bert's referring to the ability to define @font-face rules with
> explicit font-variant settings enabled by default.  
>   @font-face {
>     font-family: Jupiter Sans;
>     src: url(JupiterSans.woff) format('woff');
>     font-variant: styleset(5, 13);
>   }
> If this is the only way of using these font-specific alternates then the
> added named-value syntax wouldn't really be needed.  But requiring the
> use of @font-face rules to access alternates is somewhat cumbersome. It
> makes sense for general defaults for a given font but not for all use
> cases.  For each possible combination of alternates, authors would need
> to create an @font-face rule rather than just changing a simple property
> setting.  With named values, font-specific property settings can be used
> in a way that works in fallback situations; if the values aren't defined
> for fallback fonts, they are ignored.

Perhaps I don't understand the font features in question well enough,
but wouldn't a property such as

 font-variant: styleset(5, 13);

be totally specific to a single font file (what do the "5" and "13" mean
in general)? As such, I believe it should live only inside the
@font-face because it never makes any sense unless applied specifically
against the given WOFF file (in this example).

If this understanding is correct, then I suggest that the only supported
method for font alternates is using the @font-face directly as in the
example above.


Received on Tuesday, 16 November 2010 07:51:00 UTC