Re: [css3-ui] styling of form elements

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Subject: Re: [css3-ui] styling of form elements

>> I do not understand your concerns then, sorry.
>> On iPhone OS you can create web page/app that will span full screen 
>> without even traces of browser's chrome.
>> And there you can mimic any standard elements of the OS so they will be 
>> indistinguishable from native application.
>> What problem do you see with that?
> I'm probably not the best person to answer that, but I think one of the 
> primary concerns was about spoofing the browser chrome to, say, create 
> something that looked like an address bar and/or menu bar, and/or browser 
> button bar, so that you could have a fake URL showing, fake certificate 
> authentication, etc.

Again technically it is possible right now. You can render something 
close to browser chrome even now.
And appearance:window if it will go will help you to do this with almost 
zero effort.

But it is highly desirable for button and other input elements to look 
to the user.

Andrew Fedoniouk

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