Re: Selectors, vendor prefixes (again...) and IE9

From: "L. David Baron" <>
> On Tuesday 2010-05-18 18:11 +1000, Alan Gresley wrote:
>> And this is what I am questioning. A pseudo element is a
>> manipulation of the DOM by CSS. ::first-letter creates a pseudo line
>> box (much like span) and ::first-line changes the formatting of a
>> series of line boxes. ::before or ::after generates pseudo element.
>> To select (highlight) content of any part of a web document is a
>> user action. I can either select, hover, click or bring into focus
>> various elements via a mouse, keyboard or other device that acts
>> with a UA.
>> With the default selection of UA (using Windows), the background
>> becomes a opaque or transparent blue (seen with images) and black
>> text is changed to white. Why is this considered so different from
>> :hover, :active, :focus?
> ::selection is a pseudo-element for a very simple reason:  it has to
> apply to *part* of an element (the part that's selected).
> Pseudo-classes either match an element or not; they can't apply to
> part.

True. But do we agree it is not a pseudo-element either ?
::selection seems to be a syntax, there's no need to make
it match any reality in term of DOM, is there ? 

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