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> So, this is why concrete use-cases are useful, because then we can
> evaluate precisely how existing solutions succeed or fail and judge
> new solutions by how well and easily they solve the use-cases.  Do you
> have some to share with us?  Anything you've used in your own design
> where you needed things to be equal-height, or equal-width, or
> whatnot, and couldn't get CSS to do what you needed?

Here's an example for a simple 2-column layout I could not find how to do without a layout table:

Sorry the code is not indented; my CMS removes whitespace. The main issue in this design is the background appearing between the columns and belwo the title.

The more interesting case than equal-height is full-height-and-full-width. Here's a page I did some years ago. Today I would do some things different, specially use a strict doctype, but the page illustrates the crucial points quite well:

The difficulty lies in the complex background: 
- head section background is supposed to extend to the full width of the viewport
- navigation section background is supposed to extend to the full height of the viewport

My favorite document structure would look something like:
  <div>[logo img]</div>  
  <div>[main contents]</div>
  <div>[main navigation]</div>
  <div>[search box an language navigation]</div>

I made a lot of tests, but was not able to achieve the expected results, mainly because the background of a non-table element set to width:100% will be cut cut away at 100% if scrolling is needed. So finally I gave up and made a layout table.

I hope that this kind of layout will be easy to achieve once the Template layout module will be implemented. 

Anyway, I admit I am not very confident about the speed of CSS development, seeing drafts from 2002 being still in the WD state. Is there some info available on the schedule, when CSS3 is expected to be in recommendation state?
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