Re: [CSS21] line boxes next to floats in different containing blocks

On 08/24/2009 01:36 PM, Anton Prowse wrote:
> The only relevant text in the current version of the CSS21 spec is the
> following quote from 9.5 (Floats).[6] It is clear that this part of the
> specification only gives detailed consideration to floats in the same
> containing block as the line boxes. Given that Opera's behaviour is
> clearly wrong, and Safari's seems to depend on strange conditions, which
> of the two other behaviours (if any) is correct and/or meaningful? The
> spirit of the current spec seems to correspond to the behaviour of
> Firefox/IE8 (certainly, floats in the same block formatting context but
> in different containing blocks must not universally be ignored), but in
> either case the description of the flowing of line boxes around the
> float needs rewording and clarification. [In fact, it does anyway since
> the heuristic for determining whether a float fits on the current line
> is incorrect (email to follow).]

Where does the spec imply that consideration is given only to floats
in the same containing block as the line boxes? AFAICT it only talks
about floats and line boxes *after* the float, which could include
those outside its containing block.


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