Re: CSS3 Values and Units: Some proposals

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> Datum: Thu, 18 Mar 2010 08:03:02 -0700
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> On Thu, Mar 18, 2010 at 7:32 AM, Markus Ernst <> wrote:
> > I see, my concrete solution suggestions do not seem to be practicable.
> Anyway the problem is real - really basic things like making 2 columns
> extend to the same height need a lot of trickery. That does not seem to be a
> satisfactory for CSS as a whole. As the same thing is easy to achieve with a
> table layout, I assume that suitable algorithms would not be impossible.
> Indeed, this sort of control is very necessary, but I'm still
> skeptical that we need it in a general form that is easy to produce a
> circular dependency with.  Tables work because they are restricted in
> form.  Similarly, Template layouts are somewhat restricted in how they
> must work (in much the same way - a Template layout is nearly the same
> thing as a table layout using row and column spans).

I admit I was not aware of the Template layout draft. It looks very promising to me, and seems to solve many aspects of the problems I was addressing in an elegant way.

> What precisely are your use-cases?  Anything related to overall page
> structure (my commonest requirement for equal-height or equal-width or
> whatnot) can be done really easily by Template, or with a little bit
> of trickery by Table (the latter has the advantage of existing).  Do
> you have specific examples of setups within a page that need matched
> heights or widths that can't be easily handled by using the table-*
> display types?  (I have some that I've collected over my last few
> projects, which I'll write up in a bit).

The main issue with using the table-* display types for layout purposes is the fact that it affects the document structure. You have to put the elements of a document in the order of the "table-cell" type elements needed for the desired layout. That's basically the same as with using layout tables.
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