RE: [css21] Escaping commas in unquoted URIs

> I'd describe that as the grammar *disagreeing*, since the grammar
> says that commas are allowed in the production for unquoted URIs
> (they're part of the range *-~).

Yes, my bad.
> Likewise, the tokenization in section 4.1, which is significantly
> more important than the appendix G grammar, also (like the grammar
> in appendix G) says that commas are allowed.


> I agree with this proposal to change 4.3.4, since that would make it
> match both grammars (4.1 and G) and implementations.
> > And in Appendix G:
> >
> > url	([!#$%&*\~,]|{nonascii}|{escape})
> And I disagree with the proposal to change the grammar to make it
> not match implementations.  (I'm also not quite sure what you meant
> to type in that proposal.)

You may disregard this part. 

Thanks !

Received on Wednesday, 17 March 2010 23:40:32 UTC