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Re: [css21][css3-background] background-position examples conflict with prose/grammar

From: L. David Baron <dbaron@dbaron.org>
Date: Thu, 4 Mar 2010 16:13:05 -0800
To: Sylvain Galineau <sylvaing@microsoft.com>
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On Thursday 2010-03-04 23:51 +0000, Sylvain Galineau wrote:
> Per the grammar definition and prose of section 3.6[1], the horizontal component of the offset must come before the vertical one when both are specified. 
> "If two values are given and at least one value is not a keyword, then the first value represents the horizontal position (or offset) and the second represents the vertical position (or offset)."

Note the "and at least one value is not a keyword".  Two keywords
together are allowed in either order, as long as one can be
interpreted as horizontal and the other can be interpreted as
vertical.  ('center' can be interpreted as either.)

The grammar also allows this in the '&&' (our special notation for
both required, but in either order) that's in the third part of the
top-level |.


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