Re: [CSS21] Issue 149 - px vs. pt

On 06/29/2010 09:18 PM, Robert O'Callahan wrote:
> On Wed, Jun 30, 2010 at 10:12 AM, fantasai
> < <>>
> wrote:
>     - Defining mm, cm, and in relative to px has rather unexpected
>       effects on Media Queries: I can no longer query the physical
>       dimensions of my screen or viewport, only its pixel grid size.
> What are the use cases for querying the physical dimensions of the
> screen or viewport?
> I suspect those use cases are very limited, just like the use cases for
> true physical units are very limited.

I imagine querying the physical viewport size of a handheld would
be useful. Given the wide variation in screen resolutions on handhelds,
knowing its pixel grid size is somewhat less useful.

>     This addresses the use cases for real physical units, addresses the
>     web-compat problem with authors mixing points and pixels, and avoids
>     redefining the millimetre. Given that roc suspects it won't break
>     the Web, I'd rather go this route.
> Actually, I'm not sure. We do have a number of tests that break if you
> make 1pt != 1in/72. Tests that you wrote, in fact :-). But I'm not sure
> that you're a representative Web developer :-).

Hah, yeah, I don't count. :)


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