Re: [css3-background] vastly different takes on "blur"

OK. I'm pretty booked today during (US West Coast) daytime, but will try to have something tonight or tomorrow to present that is heavily slanted toward my viewpoint. Uh, I mean, something fair and acceptable for voting on, including some zoomed-in bitmaps and where they fall on the edge, etc., to evaluate.

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> Same. We canít really agree on the definition of a visual effects without understanding and agreement of what it should look like (see spread vs. scaling discussion).
> And it sounds like current implementations may not allow us to figure it out.
> Unlike Brad though, I am somewhat sensitive to what SVG, canvas et al. do. It would not be helpful to authors mixing HTML and SVG to have to juggle multiply/divide
> by 2 depending on the node type just so they get the same rendering. At least we should have a good reason for the difference.
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