Re: [css3-text-layout] New editor's draft - margin-before/after/start/end etc.

> That's why I think it's important to try and understand the full scope
> of how vertical text affects CSS, to simply list existing properties
> and how they might be affected. Doesn't need to be a PhD thesis, just
> a simple methodical analysis that covers CSS 2.1 and additions
> proposed for CSS3.

JEPA published "Minimal requirements on EPUB for Japanese Text 
Layout", edited by me.  Basically, it references to the W3C note and list 14 
requirements.   This document can be seen as a minimal requirement
document on CSS.

Then, Murakami-san prepared a sketch of EPUB extensions for 
supporting the minimal requirements.  It is written in Japanese.  
Again, it can be seen as an extension proposal to CSS.

Most of the added mechanisms in this document are logical properties 
and values.  The other mechanisms are ruby and bouten (text-emphasis).

On top of such mechanisms, this document provides some advice to 
implementors.  I do not think that they have to be standardized.   Rather, 
they should be left to implementors, just like neither CSS nor HTML 
mentions rivers in Western typography. 

I am aware of some other minor issues about vertical writing.

- Automatic numbering of itemized list including tate-chuu-kyo numbers (I learned 
  this from Murakami-san)

- "odd-page" (not "right) as the value of page-break-before for both 
  vertical and horizontal writing (Again, I learned this from Murakami-san)

- A section title as the last line is acceptable in vertical writing if the section
   title appears in the right page of a folio.


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