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----- "Boris Zbarsky" <bzbarsky@MIT.EDU> wrote:
> So this gets us into a situation where the parent box is not what's 
> being inherited from, which doesn't usually happen in CSS at the
> moment 
> (a few anonymous boxes being the only exceptions).  That's one of the
> issues that leads to difficulties.

I understand that it may break some assumptions made by CSS renderers and so may require some relatively significant changes but from a pure specification perspective I do not thing that it poses that many issues. (I have asked another question about containing blocks, specifically with regard to how width and height are calculated).

I think that there are a few more cases where this applies:
* Floats - I don't completely understand these but I think that they can be positioned relative to the box of an element other than their parent.
* move-to - will change the "containing block" of an element from the box of its parent to some other element.
* footnotes (@footnote rule) - will also do something similar.

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