Re: [css3-content] ::outside future

On 6/8/10 10:05 AM, Paul Duffin wrote:
>> This may be better served by something like -moz-border-colors...
> I don't know that property so do not know whether it could achieve what I want. has info.

> You could of course add or extend the existing CSS properties to support the use case in a similar way to how the background properties were modified to support multiple backgrounds. However, it seems to me that ::outside would have been a far more elegant way of addressing the multiple background use case.

Perhaps, except for the implementation and specification difficulties it 

>> The ::outside pseudo
>> element behaves like every other pseudo element and inherits from its
>> superior parent.
>> Does it, though?
> I think that it does as
> explicitly states in the section on ::outside that
> "...pseudo-elements inherit from the elements (or pseudo-elements) that generate them..."
> The example clearly shows that ::outside(1) inherits from the element.

Ah, so by "superior parent" you mean the element ::outside is being 
applied to.  OK.

So this gets us into a situation where the parent box is not what's 
being inherited from, which doesn't usually happen in CSS at the moment 
(a few anonymous boxes being the only exceptions).  That's one of the 
issues that leads to difficulties.


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