Re: example of vertical and horizontal layout of Japanese

> > Conceptually, the css3 multi-column module could cover this. In
> > tb-rl mode the columns could become rows. The for a long page you
> > define the height of the row (=width of column), the width of the
> > whole block, and  column-gaps and -rules work horizontally.
> > 
> > <>
> Right, I definitely think something could be worked out that would
> work for vertical text.  In fact, the more I look at long horizontal
> blocks of vertical text the more I think it's really a minimum
> requirement for usuable vertical text support, so that users can get
> blocks of vertical text that flow down over a set of rows rather
> than columns.

I have seen a multi-"column" layout by an EPUB viewer, which is 
developed by an American company.  They use 
column-count, column-width (probably intereted as "rwo-height"), 
column-gap, and column-rule.  Even if css3-multicol does not cover 
vertical writing, it is not difficult to interpret it for vertical writing.  
Is this an abuse?


Received on Tuesday, 8 June 2010 12:19:40 UTC