Re: [CSS21] bidi, text-align, and list markers

On 06/03/2010 10:33 AM, Phillips, Addison wrote:
>>> For clarity, could you spell out what combination of proposed
>> attributes defines each of the above?
>> The first is
>> <ul dir=ltr>
>>    <li>hello</li>
>>    <li dir=rtl>HELLO</li>
>> </ul>
>> The second is
>> <ul dir=ltr>
>>    <li>hello</li>
>>    <li><span dir=rtl>HELLO</span></li>
>> </ul>
>> (Actually, because this case is pure rtl text, the span isn't
>> necessary.  But if there is mixed text that could confuse the bidi
>> algorithm, such that you want to mark all of it as rtl, you need to
>> use the span as I have above.)
>> The third and fourth are the same as the first and second,
>> respectively, just with the<ul>  set to a shrinkwrap width through
>> some mechanism (such as floating, or being a table cell).
> Right, but Aharon is proposing CSS to achieve these effects (and possibly
> avoid the shrinkwrap, no?) and I'm curious to see how he would propose
> the frozen 'text-align' to operate.

The best way for the new value of text-align to operate, imo, would
be as a 'match-parent' keyword. So for example,

   option, li, dl, dt { text-align: match-parent }

would give the consistent-bullet-position behavior. 'match-parent'
would be different from 'inherit' because 'inherit' triggers normal
inheritance -- inheriting the specified keyword value. 'match-parent'
would compute the 'start' and 'end' keywords against the parent's
direction, and result in either 'left' or 'right' as the computed
value of 'text-align' (which would then inherit to any children).


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