Re: [CSS21] The width/height properties list-item, run-in and table-* display types

On 7/29/10 5:25 PM, Anton Prowse wrote:
> The word 'element' is used everywhere else, including the subsection
> headings.

Yes, and I agree that the playing fast an loose with box vs element is 
annoying, but "block-level element" doesn't mean "element with 'display' 
set to 'block'".  It means an element that generates a block-level box.

> On the other hand, the other run-ins are inline-level elements, not inline elements, and so are not covered.

"inline element" means "element with an inline box", not "element with 
'display' set to 'inline'".

> But this should be addressed as part of the great box cleanup in [1]


> You're right. Then table-caption elements need to be included in the
> classification of block-level elements in 9.2.1.


>> (though it might be good to clearly define this somewhere, of course)
> Indeed. :-)

And link to the definition when using the term, too...

>> The algorithm seems pretty clear: 'width' on column groups is ignored
>> in the fixed table model.
> I don't see that stated, though I don't doubt that's what's intended or
> implied.

It's not stated, but the algorithm describes exactly what needs to be 
done to determine the column widths, and column groups just don't enter 
the picture.


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