Re: [css3-background] Where we are with Blur value discussion

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>>I've suggested precisely what I think the criteria should be already.
> I'm not only asking what the criteria is but how it gets tested in a browser.
> Brad, for instance, does it with Photoshop. That's pretty cool but I don't think that's a reasonable answer for test suite purposes.

Oh, gotcha.

This is something that, unfortunately, requires testing abilities that
we don't yet have in any framework.  We can't reftest it because we're
not requiring, and realistically can't require, pixel-perfection.  We
can't throw script at it, because there's no way right now to grab the
pixels from a section of a page in a js-accessible way.  (Hopefully
we'll get that ability in <canvas> in the future.)

We can automate it, we just have to build the automation manually -
screenshot and then run pixel comparisons.


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